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Electrical Safety Training for the Unqualified Worker

August 20, 2014 - 2:00 PM (EST)

Join us for this live training event to understand the difference between qualified and unqualified workers by OSHA standards and to learn the regulations to follow when developing an electrical safety training program for unqualified workers. This training applies to everyone who could potentially come in contact with electricity in the workplace.

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Our mission is to connect the Commonwealth of Kentucky's workforce to a cost-free and enriching source for workplace safety and health training. All training, whether a class or webinar, is presented by KYOSH Education and Training staff. 

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Este es un módulo de una serie de varias cubriendo la protección contra caídas de OSHA en los estándares en la industria de la construcción. Este módulo abordará las estadísticas de protección contra caídas y cubrirá los estándares en general que hacen referencia en el Anexo M de los estándares 1926. Durante este curso hablaremos de lo siguiente: desencadenamiento de las caídas de altura, directrices generales de protección contra caídas, medidas básicas de protección contra caídas, y requisitos de capacitación.

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This course is intended for employers who have employees that are likely to be exposed to blood and/or other potentially infectious bodily fluids. Duration 21:10 minutes

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This webinar focuses on the science behind recognizing and measuring heated atmospheres and preventing heat-related illnesses in the workplace. Duration 59:38 minutes.